Mini-biography of the painter's first

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Raden Saleh (1807-1880), compiled by Barudin Marasutan, Jakarta Arts Council, 1973, 48 pages.
In Central Java, Raden Saleh almost finished semi-tale characters. In a society that is not so dismissive of the data and historical records, it could include an anecdote told Saleh that may never happen: the artist as an expert to describe the interest that could never attract butterflies sunggguhan. Armed with admiration, adoration and fantasy about Indonesia's leading painters of this, people also seemed to neglect to pay attention to who is actually Raden Saleh, its origins, the development of his talent, his position in art history of Indonesia and others.

And while it's just a few people who've seen his paintings, although only in the form of reproduction. Of such vacancy, feathers arranged Baharudin Marasutan (more commonly known as Baharudin MS) and the Jakarta Arts Council published this really means. Printed in luxury among other things, contains 13 paintings reproduction Raden Saleh and a number of letters, the book is 48 pages in Indonesia to produce something never before.

But keterbatasa intent - and perhaps the ability of research and the cost - led to this book is just a mini-biography. Many of Raden Saleh some data, which can be known only this time, provoke curiosity further - but unfortunately for once there was no other way to find and book.

A critic and biographer of other more obvious the time had anticipated. Perhaps with further study we will be able to determine the proportion of Raden Saleh in a more precise: how many high-value orisinali bag, or more specifik to what extent he distanced himself from Delacroik, and how the real position in the European art scene (in which he actually is located). That is, still trying to find a loophole for the judge as an artist is not just as great as it is considered to be the first painter Indonesia.

In similar books that would reportedly also be published by the Jakarta Arts Council (of the painters' Molek Indies ", S. Sudjojono, Affandi Rush and others), is more than just a decent mini-biographies are expected. Baharudin this time it has managed well, the fact that he wrote was a painter who had recently died, and his position slightly apart from the current art history both traditional and modern Indonesia.

But for the painters who are more conscious and clearly laid edge opposite the Indonesian art, various Sudjojono, its position in the development must be clarified. And in addition it inevitably must publish in the end DKJ good color reproduction. Indonesian art is also the art of cutting-edge color. Can it be done DKJ? Once the step by step is very important, the answer is: should. Goenawan Mohammad

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New Download Mobile Java Games 2011 - Free Download Mobile Apps And Java Apps

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New Download Mobile Java Games 2011 - Free Download Mobile Apps And Java Apps:
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Top 10 Garden Hobby

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This Top 10 Garden in Google Seacrh

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TOP 50 Hobbies Favorits

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Types of Hobbies TOP 50 Hobbies Favorits

  1. Amateur and Ham Radio
  2. Amateur Astronomy
  3. Aquariums
  4. Beachcombing
  5. Bell Ringing
  6. Birding
  7. Bubbles
  8. Candlemaking
  9. Cloud Watching
  10. Cycle
  11. Collecting
  12. Crafts
  13. Drawing
  14. Dolls
  15. Dumpster Diving
  16. Electronics
  17. Fishing
  18. Games
  19. Gardening
  20. Genealogy
  21. Handwriting Analysis
  22. Homebrewing
  23. Hula Hooping
  24. Jet Engines
  25. Juggling
  26. Kites
  27. Knotting
  28. Lock Picking
  29. Magic
  30. Models
  31. Photography
  32. Pottery
  33. Puppetry
  34. Pyrotechnics
  35. Railway Enthusiasts
  36. Robots
  37. Rockets
  38. Rocks, Gems, and Minerals
  39. Scrapbooking
  40. Smokeless Tobacco
  41. Smoking
  42. Soapmaking
  43. String Figures
  44. Textiles
  45. Tombstone Rubbing
  46. Treasure Hunting
  47. Urban Exploration
  48. Winemaking
  49. Woodworking
  50. Writing
and more

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