Hobby Drawing

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Hobby Drawing

Drawing very many people liked, not just any painter, but like 80% of the drawing, a lot of media for the hobby is drawing. The most frequently used is the medium of paper and canvas cloth, this time it is already very advanced, drawing not only on paper and canvas only, in the Computers also good for the hobby is drawing.

Children also like drawing with pencil or color Crayon, buy your child a tool image, let them learn experiment with what they want, give papers that have been used or not used for our children, let them play with color and drawing as they are.

I like drawing in Photoshop, or CorelDraw, although I am not crafty, but I am happy and like to play with Photoshop and CorelDraw, Paint Software using the default Microsoft Windows is also nice, Or You Wearing to the Software laen? use as you please.

To begin drawing a confused sometimes we want to delineate what, do not be first, turn on Computers, open the Preferences Software you, and start play mouse, just follow instinct and feeling, I sometimes portray the strange, but I can not draw the same with the previous, this is the a self-taught, alias derived origin.

For the already advanced, are so easy and simple, just 5 minutes can make the picture beautiful and interesting, but still a beginner like me, 1 day can not produce good pictures, but I am not bored, because I am only drawing a hobby, just fill in spare time, rather than confused melakuakn want what? Better to learn drawing, exspresi self and feelings, not a good search, but we feel happy, because we can feel happiness play hard color.



  1. sgg said...

    i like drawing

  2. Bang aha said...

    drawing is easy and enjoi

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