Hobby planting flowers in the house

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Hobby planting flowers in the house

Many of the hobby to plant flowers in the house, now many types of beautiful flowers and captivating, a type of stem, a variety of bamboo, a variety of grass, there is also a vine, which also is in the water, such as flowers and Teratai another. There Anggrek, Cambodia, Princess, Lili, Talas, Permata, Mahkota Dewa, and various types of interest on the market. That we can select the flowers that we plant will be raised and, of all the beautiful flowers and captivating. but for the hobby to plant flowers in the house either choose flowers that are suitable for planting in the home.

Now the plant is popular as furniture is decided on the furniture and furnishings.
Aside from the aesthetic value plants provide with your home, there are also health benefits - the elementary school science class tells us that plants clean the air through the utilization of carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen. Here is some important information about how to care for indoor plants to obtain optimal health and aesthetic benefits.

Plants in most rooms need good lighting. You can provide this through natural lighting in the room of your choice or there must be electric lighting. Dark leaved plants usually do not require much light the others. Therefore, in place in the house.

Next is the type of plant which can be either in the room, they usually only need a light to medium low, known for Hobby suitable to plant flowers in the house:

a. Philodendrons
b. Boston ferns
c. African Violets
d. Cyclamens
e. Creeping Fig

hobby to plant flowers in the home is very exciting, but most people make mistakes in the indoor gardening, they tend to over-flush the plant, which can lead to rotting roots. Be sure to research the type of plants that, because each type of plant at different water needs. Ask for clarification when buying flowers, how should the water needs.

Select a pot of good quality and interest to your indoor plants. Make sure that the pot is clean before placing new plants to prevent infection and to encourage healthy growth. Ensure strong and easy to move. A more important match with the type of plant that will be in the plant in the pot. Hobby planting flowers in the house and realized you can enjoy your beautiful room.

In indoor gardening, humidity is a big problem. The amount of moisture in the air that affect plant growth. During the morning, you can spray the plants with water for their much-needed moisture. Make sure no leaves are covered in dust. remove leaves that have been dry, and note that the gross ago it clean with

Just as water, depending on the type of fertile plants. If you have managed to supply your indoor garden with the right amount of light, water and humidity, fertilization may not need much attention. A good indoor fertilizer can be purchased from most home depot or store. Orchids need special fertilizer available. Always check the type of plants in it, not to any treatment.



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