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7:36 PM Posted by Sugeng Dwi Yuniarti

You must be very familiar with social networking sites on facebook right? I feel like playing games on facebook with a lot of friends helping each other and give each other gifts to fellow playmates. Very fun to play on facebook with a lot of people and many friends.

There are many games that can be played on facebook, my favorite was MafiaWars, I play this game for a long time, if you've never played before you can begin to try this game he was called to play. Many friends and many challenges that can be obtained.

Playing games in facebook can also add friends and relations, exchange experiences and help each other, although sometimes can also beat each other? His name game. However, if you're addicted, it will continue to play and be a lazy post interesting topics in the blog, I've never posts on this blog, I hope I do not forget to share with all friends.

At this point in a short time before this info, I celebrate Eid



  1. Sera said...


  2. zaqiatussyiva said...

    Hobby Nice in All Day

  3. Diet said...

    Yeah, its true. Many people addicted by FarmVille. :D

  4. Mafia Wars Hobby said...

    I Like Play MW ( Mafia Wars )For Long Time

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