Very Fun Hobby?

8:18 PM Posted by Sugeng Dwi Yuniarti

Very Fun Hobby?

In Early This Year The Most Exciting Hobby What We Do For Ya? For I might Fishing is my new Hobby that might be I did at the beginning of this year, many places fishing, river didanau or on the fringe fields are shaded and cool.

When the weekend arrives I plan to fish in rice fields near the border village, a lot of friends fishing there, maybe this is one Very Fun Hobby for me now, to relieve fatigue and stress on my mind after a week of hard work.

I also again want to play Mount high and full of big trees, but people said a lot of snakes and wild animals, I'm so scared?

Cycling also became less cool, because hot air near the housing and less friendly, I expect 5 years of air around the house can be refreshed with the plants that I planted a year ago.

It feels like the end came quickly pekanku now, fishing is a hobby that I need lalkukan.

The end.



  1. Fish Hobby said...

    i like fish and fresh fish yeah..

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