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4:27 AM Posted by Sugeng Dwi Yuniarti

Hobby Swimming
Annual holiday season came in place, the vacation month of fasting. I and the family plans to hold a vacation to the beach.
When is the best time for Pool and vacationing at the beach?
If I had my time most favorite is the morning and afternoon, I usually leave before the morning, so I can enjoy the beautiful beach in the morning, saw the shining sun warm, very pleasant at all. In the morning, too many fishermen who sell a variety of marine fish catches them last night. It's perfect to enjoy a sunny morning on the beach, lots of kids swimming and playing on the white sand and smooth.

This month is the fasting month, very busy people vacationing on the beach in the afternoon, they waited for the break came, while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the beach. Many of the families on holiday afternoons when the fasting month of this, many young people are also vacationing at the beach this afternoon.

I and the family was planning to vacation to the beach, because the distance to the beach about 50km, we plan to stay in a hotel near the beach, it is very happy subject. My whole family has the same hobby, the hobby Swimming at the beach in the morning, but now that the month of fasting, it is very difficult to Swimming at the beach in the morning. Because if she can drink sea water off fast.

So we'll just enjoy the beautiful scenery on the beach in the morning, saw the shining sun and warm in the morning, in the late afternoon we will also do the same thing, seeing a beautiful sunset at all.
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    i we'll just enjoy the beautiful scenery on the beach party

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    I Like Swim and enjoy in beach

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    Beach Swiming Idea

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