Search Hobby with Google Earth

8:35 AM Posted by Sugeng Dwi Yuniarti

Search Hobby with Google Earth

Previously I did not understand and never knew about Google Earth facility from Google. I just know after reading my pleasure magazine, I just tried and it was fun, Google Earth can we use to see and explore the Earth, Moon and Mars.

Search Hobby with Google Earth is fun and easy to learn, because there are new attempt I had not understood much about the usability and features of Google Earth, I still try and find my place, there. Historic sites I'm Looking for, looking for sports fields, looking for locations Vacation, Shopping sites and what we want the existing search in Google Earth.

I immediately tried to find out more about Google Earth. I find the Google Earth Community in I immediately signed up and on the Google Earth Community has many lessons to use this service. I find out about services in Google Earth Community and Visit the Google Earth Outreach Discussion Group to discuss it with others..

For those who want to try to download the Official Google Earth Download Site  Then download the Google Earth installed on your computer, start exploring the world and outer space with Google Earth. Want to try to please all Search Hobby with Google Earth.
the example like:

View Keluarga Besar Abdullah Hadits in a larger map



  1. Samy said...

    Very fun to explore places to live
    feels the world in the grip

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