Introduce Hobby To The Good Son

9:09 AM Posted by Sugeng Dwi Yuniarti

Every person must have a different hobbies as well as children, if we have some kids, their hobby would not be the same, if there are girls who play with dolls hobbies, with puzle, with play houses, kalo boys - boys usually play with toy cars, and shooting others.

As parents we must also consider the child's hobbies, what the hobby and enjoyment of the children, when it can recognize and know the hobby of our children, then we would not be wrong to buy a hobby toys our children, let us not be wrong to give the toy, which eventually will be in vain and disappointed the child.

Indeed the average hobby as children, but if we get to know and understand what kids like, we can support and mengarahakn to a nicer, do not forget, something big was started from a dream child, such as telephone, television, aircraft , it is a dream come true.

We also can Introduce Hobby To The Good Son, by directing their hobby, give support and appreciation to them, although the hobby, but it could be a source of inspiration for children, foster creativity for children.

If the times I've introduced to the boy adalh toy car that can be dismantled pairs, so the child is more creativity, and try to uncover pairs of his own toys. we planted self-confidence and unyielding. Children will be used to improve their own toys and learn their own toys.

If the girls, we can teach about the model of their dress, makeup doll we teach them, who knows one day he became the inventor of a good model and famous. All started from the children.

Hobby Introduce Children To The Good must be started early and by now, do not menuggu adulthood, which in fact will make the child does not like what we teach. Son of a loss, we also got lost. It is the successor of child We, the successor of this world, teach things that are good and useful.



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